Last date TODAY for filing online Form FC6(E)

Today, 6th July 2019 is the last date for filing online Form FC6(E) for associations registered under FCRA 2010 and who have changed fifty per cent or more of the original Key members of their association. Even associations which have not changed fifty per cent or more of their original Key members should open online Form FC6(E) and ascertain if the information reflected therein is accurate and if not, proceed to correct (using either the ‘add’ or ‘edit’ button) the information and marking in the “Remarks” column words to the effect, “no change was made by our association. However, we are correcting the incomplete / inaccurate information reflected in online Form FC6(E)”.

No change … but change may be necessitated

In our case (Centre for Advancement of Philanthropy) at the time of renewing our FCRA registration we submitted names of all the Directors on our Board and the name of the Chief Functionary. There has been no change on our Board since. However, when we went online to check our status in the new online Form FC6(E), we found that only three names were appearing that of our Founder, Chairperson and Chief Functionary. Accordingly, we added the missing names as suggested by the officer we spoke to at MHA.

The person we spoke to at MHA informed us that while upgrading their own (MHA’s) system and website there has been some data loss and therefore if the information reflected in the new online Form FC6(E) is incomplete or inaccurate we should correct it and use the “Remarks” column to provide reason for the change which isn’t really a change.  


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