About Us

What we do

Centre for Advancement of Philanthropy (CAP) is a Mumbai-based support organisation, established in 1986 with a mandate to be a credible and comprehensive resource on charitable activity in India. CAP offers complete compliance advisory to nonprofit organisations, enabling them to be compliant in every respect, in the following areas – Legal, Fundraising, Board Governance, Human Resources, Volunteer Management, Strategy, Communication & CSR Compliance.

Our Mission

To create an enabling environment for the growth and development of philanthropy within and for India, for both donor and recipient organisations through:

  • Reliable legal expertise
  • Professionalised capacity building through skilled practitioners/management experts
  • Credible researched information and data for all stakeholders
  • Dissemination of sector related information via publication of resource material
  • Forging mutually beneficial NGO-Corporate partnerships
  • Encouraging companies to be CSR compliant and empowering them to realise their true potential
  • Developing national and international networks
  • Advocating with policy makers by being the leading voice for the sector

Our History

CAP’s founders were stalwarts of the time, Darius Forbes, Late H T Parekh, Late Russi Lala, and R R Chari among others.

Click here to read our history as written by Founder Late Russi Lala in his book, The Thread of God in my Life

Our Vision

To build a legally-compliant, well-governed, empowered philanthropic sector in India.

Our Values

  • Reliability and efficiency of our services
  • Fairness in our dealings with all stakeholders
  • Transparency and accountability in our work
  • Sustained commitment to the work we undertake
  • Nurturing innovative social solutions