Corporate Foundation Advisory

Many corporate foundations have benefitted from CAP’s compliance advisory. Companies that are deeply philanthropic in nature or have a strong commitment to social development, prefer to set up corporate foundations as a systematic and sustained way of furthering their social development goals. They are the nonprofit arm of any business; a distinct entity from its profit-making arm and one that undertakes social development programmes and projects.

How We Help Foundations

  • Understanding the imperatives and benefits of setting up the company’s foundations.
  • Guide companies in drafting the aims of its foundation with a sound ethical and legal framework.
  • Advice on how to apply for tax exemptions and deductions.
  • Being compliant with FCRA guidelines.
  • Donation-related concerns and queries, whether the source is Indian or foreign.
  • Guidance on board governance, communication, human resources.
  • Routine advice on all the key aspects of all compliance.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can a corporate foundation avail of this advisory?

Corporate foundations may join as CAP Corporate Affiliates by paying a one-time entrance fee and an annual fee.

What if we do not want to register as annual Corporate Affiliates?

For those who need one-off consultations or documentation assistance, we offer the option of paying fees per consultation.

What are the workshops you conduct for corporate foundations?

Most corporate foundations have registered non-profit status of Trust, Society, Section 8 Company. Our flagship session on Legal Compliance would be beneficial for your team. Those foundations that need guidance with CSR can benefit from the workshop on CSR Compliance.

Do you help corporate foundations with selecting and due diligence of the nonprofit partners?

We can recommend nonprofits that we work with and those that have received CAP’s Compliance Complete certification

How can CAP help a corporate's NGO partners?

CAP can conduct training sessions to help the NGO that is funded by the corporate.

What they say

Forbes Marshall CSR and Forbes Marshall Foundation have a long-standing association with CAP. We have consulted CAP towards our CSR compliance viz, drafting our CSR policy, the Board constitution as per the law and other matters. It is not only us, but our NGO partners who also have immensely benefited from this association with CAP. We have invited CAP as a knowledge partner for a lot of seminars for the development sector organisations be it NGOs, community-based organisations, funding agencies or CSR Foundations. These seminars/workshops have been oversubscribed and have been attended by people who have travelled a long distance to attend it. We look forward to a continued association with CAP.

While setting up KARO trust, we were not well versed with the legal compliance. CAP is extremely prompt and efficient in giving us practical advice in all matters concerning our nascent trust. They played an important role in helping us think through and draft our charitable objects as also our trust deed to ensure flexibility in terms of our operations, incorporating good governance best practices. Noshir also guided us at each step in our journey in terms of what would be allowed or disallowed and due diligence systems for our beneficiaries. It was reassuring to know that we had an organisation with more than three decades of experience to guide us in avoiding potential pitfalls.