Sources/Methods of Funds

  • Self-generated (e.g. Membership Fees, Products, Rent, etc.)
  • Government Grants
  • CSR Funding for Nonprofits
  • NGO-Corporate Partnerships
  • Managing Flow of Online Funds
  • Overseas Donations
  • Individual Donations
  • Donations in Kind
  • Intermediary/Crowdfunding
  • NGO Fundraising Events
  • Managing Corpus Funds, Ear-Marked Funds
  • Managing ‘Grants’ differently from ‘Donations’
  • Treatment of Anonymous Donations

Donor Management

  • Types of Donors
  • Donor Engagement
  • Donor Reporting

Fundraising Compliance

  • Treatment of Commercial or Business Income
  • Computing income/what can be capitalised?
  • Investment of Surplus Funds
  • Accounting for and utilisation of Capital Gains (in case of sale of immovable property)

Fundraising Policy

  • A user manual on fundraising processes