Mystery of the missing (FCRA quarterly intimation) link?

Vide Notification dated 1st July 2022; Rule 13(b) for uploading FCRA quarterly receipts was deleted. Accordingly there was no need to upload the quarterly receipts July 2022 onwards.

It would seem that due to oversight on part of MHA the quarterly intimation link on the FCRA online portal remained active and NGOs out of abundant precaution continued to upload information. Now that link has been removed and some of our extra-cautious organizations have been wondering and even worrying as to why they are unable to comply with this requirement which in reality is no longer required since almost the last two years.

MHA simply seems to have realized this snag and recently deleted this link which should have been done in June 2022 itself.

Organizations have nothing more to do or worry about in this regard. However, do remember to upload your Annual FCRA Income & Expenditure statements as also FCRA Balance Sheet on your organizations website. Failure to do so could invite penalty.


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