CAP’s Compliance Complete Certification – Initiatives of Change

CAP’s latest endeavour in capacity building has been the expansion of our services to include Compliance Certification for NGOs. Through this programme, NGOs will work with CAP towards being
compliant in the following core areas – Legal, Financial, Human
Resources, Board Governance, Communication, Strategy, Fund-raising, and
Volunteer Management.

Featuring the third of the 4 NGOs selected this year.
Initiaves of Change is a world-wide movement of people of diverse cultures and
backgrounds, who are committed to the transformation of society through changes
in human motives and behaviour, starting with their own.
CAP’s Compliance Complete Certification will help us… to be
fully aware of the current legal status for trusts like us and ensure our
compliance, to ensure we are following best practices whilst dealing with all
The guiding philosophy of our organisation …Personal character, attitude and values have a
direct impact on the society. Hence, MRA-IofC focuses on personal needs to
address national and global problems. Everybody wants to see the other person
change, but effective social change can happen when you start with
Our greatest asset…is a border
less body of people from every background, throughout the country (and
internationally) who have taken steps of change in their own lives. Many of
them are actively engaged in influencing leaders for positive change in key
Compliance to our organisation translates as being…firmly rooted in the values and principles of
the movement; meticulously law-abiding; taking compassionate care of all
aspects of volunteers and employees; faithfully following the educational and
character-building objectives of the trust. 
Where do you see your organisation 15 years hence…Our strength is that we are less of an
organisation and more of an idea that spreads on two legs, through people who
find a new purpose and direction for life. We hope to increase our volunteer
base for outreach and facilitator pool for our training programmes. Our dream
is that in time to come people would be living in a country and a world without
hate and no fear of destruction from terrorism, global warming or poverty and
disease, because of their own initiatives.
Two changes which you would like to observe in the philanthropy
space…a) The citizenry, including corporates, to become a lot more caring to eliminate poverty and suffering give
unconditionally from a space of compassion with freedom from materialism. b)Government
to become discerning of genuine philanthropy and more trusting, and making it
easy for caring and giving with reasonable rules and regulations.
 “If your
organization would like to avail of this certification in FY 2017-18,
write in to us at Interviews will be held in May

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