While capacity building has been a key focus area of the social and development sector for only the past decade and a half, the ethos of capacity building is inbuilt into CAP as it has always been an integral part of our mandate. From the very beginning, CAP has always been a strong, steadfast, and trusted advocate for a more legally enabling environment for philanthropic activity in India and more recently, for the entire social sector in general.

CAP's capacity building for non-profits focusses on these core areas of compliance

Legal, Board Governance, Finance, Human Resources
Strategy, Communication/Reporting, Fundraising, Volunteer Management

Through our regular workshops that provide both overviews and minutiae on specific topics we have increased awareness and information among non-profit organisations, charities, trusts, and corporate foundations on the statutory and regulatory framework under which they operate, and as well as on best practices in the sector. This has empowered them to be more compliant and thus, more effective on the whole.

By request, CAP also conducts regular customised workshops for its many member and affiliate organisations that address their specific needs and concerns, as many organisations may wish to educate or train their entire team.

CAP has also developed standardised toolkits and practical templates on the above core areas in response to the needs and requests of its member organisations.

More recently, we have added Coffee Consultancy Mornings to our bouquet of services. For each meeting we have a CAP expert or an external Guest Expert who provides recommendations based on their area of expertise. These meetings are an opportunity for an NGO to discuss their issues or put their queries to a CAP subject expert. Each hour-long session can be attended by 2-3 team members so that they can also sort out issues.

So, CAP's CAPacity building towards compliance has always been robust and also responsive to both the overarching and topical needs of the social sector.

My domain knowledge on the Voluntary Sector has been immensely enriched through the series of CAP Workshops I was fortunate enough to attend over the last six years.
Late P.M. Rajasekharan
COO, Impact India Foundation

Centre for Advancement of Philanthropy