CAP is always looking for motivated, passionate, and committed individuals who aspire to contribute in significant ways to the development sector in India. Whether or not you have an educational or professional background in social work, there are a number of ways in which you can contribute to furthering CAP's mission.

We provide both full-time and part-time employment opportunities, in a stimulating and supportive work environment. If you are interested in sharing your particular skills or your professional expertise you could be on CAP's consultant panel that offers assistance or advice to all its members in the
following areas:

    •   Volunteering
      We welcome volunteers from all fields and in all capacities. Whether you can spare a few hours a week or work with us for a few months, there is enough going on at CAP to keep you engaged and fulfil you.
    •   Programme Coordination
      We support a wide and ever-growing network of non-profits and corporate enterprises that are registered with CAP as members/affiliates, and in order to do so efficiently and fairly, we constantly seek to improve our services and programs. If you are interested in helping us with tasks such as managing our database, coordinating our services, planning and managing our programs, we have a place for you.
    •   Communications, Publications and PR
      If you have a flair for writing, enjoy interacting with people and doing interviews, visualising and executing media campaigns, and have an eye for detail, there are a plethora of opportunities for you to put these talents to use. You can help spread the good word not just about CAP and its work, but also that of its many associate organisations. From contributing articles and ideas for Philanthropy, our quarterly magazine and helping with our public and media relations, to writing our blog posts and creating social media content, you'll have shot at it all.
    •   Internships
      Whether you are from a legal, management, finance or accountancy background, have a degree or a diploma in social work or none of the above, but are simply interested in gaining an in-depth understanding of the development sector, being an intern at CAP will provide you with substantial exposure and experience. Your work alongside highly qualified and committed professionals will afford you the opportunity to acquire knowledge and insight into the legal and regulatory framework of the sector. Our interns research and document best practices in the sector and innovative projects and programs connected with our work. You will also have access to CAP's vast membership network NGOs and corporate entities. We provide all our interns with adequate orientation and training to ensure that they become a meaningful footnote in CAP's inspirational story.
This internship allowed me to go out and see the sector for myself, how it works, the good, the bad, everything... Had I been bogged down into pure legal research, my understanding of the law would not have grown (which it did even with the current internship setup), but I would have missed out on understanding the ground realities of how the sector functions.
Tanay Gandhi
CAP Intern - 2015

Centre for Advancement of Philanthropy