In order to avail yourself of any of CAP's legal advisory, corporate advisory or capacity building programmes all you need to do is become a CAP Affiliate. As an affiliate, you will have access to information and advice, both general and customised for your specific needs, on structural and operational issues, and the compliance requirements of your organisation in each of our 8 core areas at a very modest price. From legal and taxation queries solved by our legal experts, to fundraising strategy, forming NGO-corporate partnerships, CSR and the financial management of your organisation or foundation, our team of expert consultants in each of the core areas of compliance will handhold you at any point in your organisation's lifecycle.

As an affiliate you will have access to compliance advisory developed by CAP's experts on each area of compliance, workshops and conferences on topical and critical subjects which will include talks by sector experts, an opportunity to enroll in CAP's year-long Compliance Certification Program and access to a Compliance Calendar developed by CAP to enhance sectoral compliance by increasing basic awareness for starters.

Of course, being a CAP affiliate will also afford you the opportunity to be part of a closely-knit but widespread community of engaged, enterprising individuals and non-profits that are committed to India's social development. This community comprises family foundations and philanthropic individuals, corporate enterprises and foundations, international agencies, professionals working in the voluntary sector, lawyers and chartered accountants, nodal agencies, business schools, institutes of social sciences, banks and financial institutions, and naturally, a cross-section of social entrepreneurs and NGOs. Many of these have been long time members of the CAP family, and have grown and thrived due, in no small measure, to CAP's timely, user-friendly, and credible advice.

The other benefits that CAP Affiliates enjoy are:

Centre for Advancement of Philanthropy's advisory and services are available to entities in India and overseas who become our affiliates. Affiliation is subject to CAP's discretion. CAP's fees and services are moderately priced, given the quantum of our work experience and decades of support to philanthropy and the voluntary sector. As we are registered as a non-profit organisation, all monies go a long way in strengthening our corpus and enhancing our organisational sustainability. Concessions may be considered for start-up projects if they are found to be deserving of such.

Affiliate Categories And Fees
Corporate Affiliate: Corporate, corporate foundations, family foundations or grant-making organisations may enrol under this category by paying a one-time entrance fee of Rs 1,00,000, and an annual fee of Rs 50,000.

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Sector Affiliate: Institutions, intermediary support organisations, non-profit/NGOs, dual registered social enterprises, may enrol under this category by paying a one-time entrance fee of Rs 10,000, and an annual fee of Rs 7,000. 

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NGO Affiliate: Any start-up organisation (0-3 years), non-profit/NGO organisation (budget below 50 lakhs) or any NGO employee may enrol under this category by paying a one-time entrance fee of Rs 5,000 and an annual fee of Rs 7,000.

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CAP's expanded services have providentially addressed our urgent concerns time and again. We approach CAP because we trust we will get relevant, authentic, and comprehensive advice on the issues we face, and from all angles – legal, financial, tax, HR, et al.
Kate Currawalla
President, Maharashtra Dyslexia Association

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