Our latest endeavour in capacity building has been the expansion of our services to include Compliance Certification for NGOs. Through this programme, NGOs will work with CAP towards being compliant in the following core areas Legal, Financial, Human Resources, Board Governance, Communication, Strategy, Fund-raising, and Volunteer Management.

A series of workshops held through the year will successively broaden the scope of training in each of the aforementioned areas. This will be done in a structured manner, with each workshop following a defined syllabus. Each workshop will be followed by a one-on-one consultancy with the NGO.

NGOs that are part of this program will depute different personnel working in these core areas to attend the workshops and consultancy sessions. Each such representative will work towards fixing the compliance required within that area. For example, an HR employee will attend HR workshops to build his/her organisation's HR resources and ensure that it remain compliant in this area.

At the end of the year, if they successfully fulfil their requirements on CAP's proprietary Compliance Checklist and have instituted systems to ensure that they remain compliant, they will be awarded a Compliance Complete Certificate by CAP.

This program will be open to only 10 NGOs a year at a nominal fee. NGOs are chosen through an interview process.

We appreciate not only the quality and reliability of CAP legal advisory, but also the dedication and availability of the team. None of our issues were left without an answer, which helped us make quick progress. Workshops organised by CAP definitely bring valuable inputs to our work.
Camille Delpey
Economic and Social Development Program Manager Inter Aide Development India

Centre for Advancement of Philanthropy